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Theatre Truck Winch


Brand: CS

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Second Hand Truck Winch used for one 10 date tour, with limited live moves during the show... so has really just been worn in! 

A Theatre truck winch for moving medium to heavyweight stage trucks across a floor, with either direct attachment or mice and spades. 

We can provide a seperate track and mouse kit which fits within a 25mm sub-floor making for a low level solution especially when combined with a low level return floor pulley.

Up to 25m travel.

For use with 5mm SWR or 5mm Dyneema 


Can be operated from either side and allows for a 1:1 or 1:3 ratio.

For help with specification and the use of our Truck winch, please dont hesitate to call 01483 375777, We use theses all the time for a variety of uses so have a good understanding of what is possible!