Truck Winch


Brand: CS

Hire Period: Week


A sleek truck winch for moving medium to heavyweight stage trucks across a floor, with either direct attachment or mice and spades. 

We can provide a track and mouse kit which fits within a 25mm sub-floor making for a low level solution especially when combined with a low level return floor pulley.

Up to 20m travel.

For use with 5mm SWR or 5mm Dyneema 

Using unistrut for the tensioner pulley mechanism means you can 'tune' these in to a greater degree than other available winches. The tension pulleys run on bearing blocks and sealed bearings so move and track in a more positive fashion. 

Per Week: £60.00 plus delivery/ collection

We can offer installation please call to discuss

Return Pulley: £10.00 per week

Can be operated from either side and allows for a 1:1 or 1:3 ratio.

For help with specification and the use of our Truck winch, please dont hesitate to call 01483 375777, We use theses all the time for a variety of uses so have a good understanding of what is possible!